In the era of ‘Strictly’, expectations are high when it comes to the bride and groom’s first dance. You wouldn’t be laughed at for dreading this portion of the day – when all eyes are on you to present a spellbinding show! It’s simply not acceptable to do a ‘huggyshuffle’, these days and if you do, you’re in danger of killing the party buzz. Some brides and grooms totally reject the whole practice and ask the D.J. to ask everyone to get up and dance together for the first song. Others embrace the tradition and go all out to put on an original show for their adoring guests.

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The most eccentric first dance we’ve heard of was to Queen’s “Don’t Stop me now”, where the groom dressed in a Freddy Mercury costume complete with moustache. He charged up and down the room, in and out of guests, excitedly spinning round his new bride and lifting her up while she laughed delightedly at his absurdity. Read more about relationship withdrawal therapy. The show was both awkward and hilarious to watch, which was geaux maids quirky style.

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However, not many of us are such extroverts, but if you do fancy doing a first dance – be sure to follow our top tips below, so that you perform perfectly!



  • Pick a song that’s easy to dance to – it should have a strong beat that’s not too fast and not too slow.
  • If you’re not a confident dancer, make sure you get at least two lessons with a dance teacher.
  • Practise your dance a lot at home!
  • Rehearse your dance at your wedding venue, before your wedding.
  • Wear your wedding shoes when you practice at your venue, so you know you can dance in them and that you won’t slip.
  • Make sure the D.J. knows to play the version of the song that you’ve practised to.
  • While you’re eating your wedding meal, quickly run through the steps in your head.
  • Don’t do the whole song – take the pressure off and get the rest of your guests to join you after the first couple of verses.
  • Treat the dance like a show, make a good entrance, perform and don’t forget to smile!



 If you’re stuck for a great song to dance to, you might like to know what Spotify has revealed as the most popular first dance songs of 2017:

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  1. ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran
  2. ‘At Last’ by Etta James
  3. ‘You Are The Best Thing’ By Ray La Montagne
  4. ‘All Of Me’ by John Legend
  5. ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri
  6. ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele
  7. ‘I Won’t Give Up’ by Jason Mraz
  8. ‘Everything’ by Michael Buble
  9. ‘Better Together by Jack Johnson
  10. ‘Amazed’ by Lonestar


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We hope these song suggestions will give you some inspiration for your first dance. If you’re feeling really ambitious, check out the video for ‘Thinking Out Loud’ – Ed Sheeran and his partner perform a really romantic routine which even involves them both lying flat out on the dancefloor – and it’s not because they’re drunk! Whatever your first dance ambitions: ‘huggyshuffle’, whole guest boogie, or a ‘Strictly’ spectacular, go to the website.


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