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For Trade Customers/Account Holders we require confirmation of the final numbers to be given 14 calendar days prior to the event and for Private customers 21 calendar days prior to the Elite Hire logoevent. For both customers, the final account will be based on this number.

After this confirmation, we will endeavour to accommodate any reasonable increase in numbers.



All prices are exclusive of VAT or delivery



For Trade Customers/Account holders invoices for furniture hired will be sent weekly either for settlement of account or for VAT purposes. Monthly statements will be sent at the end of each month and are required to be settled in full 14 days from the date of the statement.


For Private Customers/n, non-accountholders payment will be required to secure the booking 14 calendar days prior to the event. Cleared funds are to be received 1 week before furniture/equipment will be dispatched unless otherwise agreed with the partners of Elite Hire Ltd.


Payment of invoices/accounts can be made either by BACS transfer or for Private Customers/non account holders cleared cheque – Elite Hire do not hold Credit Card facilities.


Account customers must ensure settlement of all outstanding debts within 60 days from the date of the statement. Interest at the rate of 2% per month will be levied on all overdue payments.


Where a cheque is presented for payment which is subsequently returned by the bank due to insufficient funds a bank fee will be charged.



Once a booking has been confirmed we reserve stock and can therefore refuse other events that wish to book our services. Therefore charges will be payable for any cancellation or decrease in numbers of a confirmed event and levied as follows:

7-14 calendar days notice – 50% total hire charge

Less than 7 calendar days notice – 100% total hire charge



Delivery of furniture will be made up to and including day of the event unless specific arrangements have been made with Elite Hire Ltd where we will endeavour to accommodate these arrangements. Collection of furniture will be either day after the event or within 3 days, unless special arrangements have been discussed.


A delivery charge will be calculated at a cost of £1.20 per mile from our base in Dorton, Bucks, with a minimum charge of £15. Extra charges will be applied for parking tickets, fines and all fees where ample parking has not been provided.


As the hirer you authorise us Elite Hire Ltd to enter any land or premises where we reasonably believe any equipment to be for the purpose of delivery/collection, inspection, test and repair or to repossess it.


A fee of £50 will apply to deliveries on Saturdays and by prior arrangement only. A further fee of £150 will apply to all collections on all days of the week after 6pm and by prior arrangement only.


Goods are required to be checked and signed for by the hirer or a representative of the hirer on delivery. Goods left at premises unattended are left at the hirer’s risk. In these circumstances damage/shortages must be notified to Elite Hire Ltd immediately on return and prior to the event.



If equipment is to be stored or used outside with the exception of plastic or garden furniture the hirer is responsible for any damaged that may be caused by the weather. All boxes etc must be returned dry and intact and furniture must be protected from the weather. Where it is found that this has not been applied all damages will be a charge to the hirer at current replacement costs.



The hirer is wholly responsible for all furniture/equipment on hire from the time of delivery until collection. All shortages, breakages and damage or loss of furniture/equipment including packing containers/crates will be charged at current replacement cost.


Goods returned/collected will be counted prior to cleaning and the hirer notified of any loss/damaged to goods within 3 days of return/collection. Customer goods cannot be accepted as a replacement.


During the period of hire goods at all times remain the property of Elite Hire Ltd.


It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all people who use the equipment are properly instructed in its safe and correct use, and to ensure that the equipment is not misused.



All equipment is dispatched clean and ready for use. Where the hirer feels that the equipment is not satisfactorily cleaned Elite Hire Ltd must be notified immediately.


If the hirer does rinse/clean the hire items under no circumstances are abrasives to be used as this can result in permanent damage to the equipment. Where it is found that abrasives have been used the hirer will be charged in full for replacement items.


Elite Hire Ltd reserve the right to levy a charge of £10 per 50 coat hangers where the hirer has stuck labels to the said hangers and Elite Hire have had to remove them following use prior to the next use.



It is the hirers responsibility at all times to arrange a suitable electricity supply for the use of equipment. Under no circumstances should electrical equipment be used without being correctly earthed unless it is of double insulated construction. The hirer is responsible for complying with the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 during the period of hire.



Any breakdown or unsatisfactory working of equipment or shortage of equipment must be immediately notified to us. Under no circumstances should you the hirer repair or attempt to repair equipment unless authorised to do so by Elite Hire Ltd.


The hirer must notify Elite Hire Ltd of any equipment that is involved in any accident resulting in damage to the equipment, property or injury to any person.



Damage to linen will be notified to the hirer normally within 2 weeks of return of the hire items due to the time in which the linen company take to notify Elite Hire Ltd.


Minor damage is classed as holes/burns not greater than 2cms in diameter and for Trade customers, the hire prices are inclusive of minor damage

For Private customers, we recommend an additional 10% damage waiver charge which will protect from any additional charges caused by minor damage.

A full replacement charge will be made for holes or damage greater than 2cm or where there are more than four holes/marks in one cloth english college. This applies for both Trade and Private Customers.


All linen must be left to dry before being packed back into transport bags. Where damp linen is found to be returned with mildew or stains that are not able to be removed with suitable treatment a full replacement charge will be made.


Delivery/collection charge for linen will be charged at £36 plus VAT which is the current charge set by the linen courier company.


Unused linen will still be charged for.


Cancellation on linen within seven days of the event will be chargeable at 75% of hire cost.


Transport bags remain the property of the linen company and should not be left with the customer. Transport bags are required to be stored in a dry area and not left in the rain.


A £50 charge will be raised for the loss or damage of any transport bag.



Complaints as to shortage or damage on receipt of goods should be made before use. Complaints of this nature received on the return of goods cannot be entertained.



The company Elite Hire Ltd will not be responsible for and the hirer will indemnify the company against all claims for injury to persons or loss or damage to property howsoever caused unless it is proved that such injury or damage be caused by faulty material or negligence on the part of the company.

Elite Hire Ltd do not accept liability for any delay or failure to provide services as a result of circumstances beyond its reasonable control e.g. extreme weather conditions.