The wedding reception will be a big highlight of getting married. After all is said and done with vows and you are officially married, you will be introduced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. At your wedding reception. You will find that some of your fondest memories of your wedding day will come from this part of your day and it is important to make sure everything is in perfect order.

When planning your wedding reception, you will first need to select a venue. Before you even start to select your venue, establish what your theme, style or both will be for your reception as well as your wedding size and location. After you have figured these three aspects out, you are ready to start looking. Once you have a few in mind, visit them and see if they meet your needs. Some you will know right away if they are not a fit while others you will waiver on. Usually there will be two that are close and one that is right behind them at the end of your search. Visit the top two again on a different day and talk about what the venue includes. Other incentive might help guide a decision if it is a completely even split on aesthetic value, check blog here.

When you have your venue in place, you will need to figure out what schedule your reception will take. Traditionally, the wedding party will take pictures and then move into the reception area and await the husband and wife to arrive and be introduced. At this time you can choose to do your first dance or save it until after you have eaten. Make sure you have maids services in the event, visit to hire professional maids.

After the introduction you will gather for the welcoming and toasts to the new husband and wife and then have your meal. After your meal it is time to get on the dance floor and get your groove on! Once the guests see you out on the floor, they will be sure to follow.

After everyone is danced out for the meantime, it is time to cut the cake. This is usually a breaking point because many people will leave the reception after the cake is cut. This is why the cake is done toward the latter part of the reception. After cake, you will have time to get back on the dance floor or enjoy your company.

One of the final events for the wedding reception is the bouquet toss and garter removal and then the last call for a dance. After that the reception will be over unless you have chosen to do your send off as the very last thing.

Your wedding reception will be a huge success as long as you follow a few steps to ensure everything is timed out as necessary and you leave plenty of room for “things to happen” because you know they will the inspectors company. Remember, the most important part of the evening is to have fun and enjoy yourselves.